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Why Garage Door Accidents Still Happen

11/30/2013 Back To Blog

Some homeowners in Chelsea take excellent care of their garage doors, but they are not all as prudent and some turntheir backs to the dangers of the mechanism. Every year the hospitals in Massachusetts deal with people, who have been victimized by their own garage doors and if you combine the light injuries that are treated at home, you can understand that many people get hurt from this heavy mechanism. The sad part of the story is that most victims are children and the percentage of victims could be a lot smaller, if only people could pay a little more attention.

8 basic reasons that cause accidents

  •     The persistence of many homeowners to engage on garage door repairs without acquiring the right knowledge and supplying the appropriate equipment is their biggest mistake, which may cause serious accidents. Do yourself a favor and study well the manual of the manufacturer and get more information at any garage door repair in Chelsea that can also provide you with excellent tools.
  •     The insistence of many parents to let the kids play with the remote controls. Children don't have the sense of the threat and they might easily hurt their bodies. That's why you should keep the remotes away from their hands and don't allow them to play in the garage unattended.
  •     The lack of garage door maintenance. It's not called a preventive service just for fun; it can actually help you find the weak spots of the mechanism before they cause trouble.
  •     The absence of sensors that can activate the reverse mechanism. If the opener is old, you should replace it or add safety features.
  •     Don't engage on various activities under the open door. Remember that it stays open thanks to the cables and springs and the repercussions would be terrible if a garage door cable snapped.
  •     Watch out of the power. When you are interfering with the electrical garage door parts, you should unplug them first.
  •     Don't speed up when you are approaching the garage door because a slippery ground will cause an accident.
  •     Keep in mind the age of the mechanism and remember to upgrade it often. It will make a great difference having the new safety features added to the opener.
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