Garage Door Repair Chelsea
Garage Door Repair Chelsea
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Managing the posts

The first thing is to consider the material that they are made from. Steel is very different from wood as our technicians will tell you. The next step is to consider the extent of the damage. In some instances you can do some patch up work. Sometimes only full replacement will do in order to restore functionality.

Consider buying an opener with battery backup

The battery backup guarantees that the garage door opener will work effectively and safely in case of a power outage or another problem with electricity. Our specialists explain that this will enable you to act quickly to help members of your family in case of an emergency.

Four flashes = Misaligned sensor eyes

If you see the light of your Liftmaster garage door opener flash four times, our garage door specialists suggest that you check your garage door’s sensor eyes. They may be misaligned. Misaligned sensor eyes results in broken electronic beams which would prevent the door from closing properly. Instead of closing as it should, your garage door will reverse back upwards.

Garage Door Repair Chelsea

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