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When Does My Garage Door Need Service

11/30/2013 Back To Blog

Contemporary garage doors are extremely strong and are made to withstand even natural disasters, like hurricanes. After all, they are huge and heavy devices that are in constant movement and exposed to different temperatures, which means that they ought to be durable and last for a long period of time. Yet, garage door owners have one requirement: to perform regular services. Otherwise, they will not operate as efficiently as they should and they will cause you troubles. The question is: when do they need service?

Annual garage door maintenance

Manufacturers suggest that garage doors must be maintained at least once a year. They don’t propose this specific timeframe at random. Garage door parts have a specific life cycle and, therefore, must be checked accordingly for the maximum efficiency of their operation. Professional technicians would inspect the entire door detecting major or even trivial problems before they cause you more troubles. A reliable garage door service providerin  MA would offer you proper garage door maintenance. It means that the experts of an experienced Chelsea company will fix the broken parts and make the necessary adjustments. Annual maintenance will eliminate the damages and the emergency repairs.

Garage door repair

As all machinery, garage doors may wear out over time. The garage door opener may need replacement and the overhead door springs may need fixing. The springs, for example, are vital parts of the whole operational system since they balance the door’s weight and lift it. If they break, the door would work at slower pace or not at all. If the door is off tracks, it would not operate either. If you lose your remote, you won’t be able to enter your garage. An emergency garage door company will be able to solve your problems in no time since most of them work around the clock and offer same day services.

Prevent the problems

You don’t have to wait until your garage door is jammed to call a garage door repair service. You must inspect your garage door once a month yourself to check the condition of all component parts.  You must look out for the warnings since most parts send out signals before they stop functioning. If you hear any funny noises, for example, it could mean that the tracks, the hinges or any other moving part needs lubrication. If the door is moving slowly, perhaps the cables are loose. You don’t necessarily have to detect the problem; you just need to understand that there is a problem and call for assistance.

Upgrade your garage door

You must not underestimate the importance of upgrading your garage door. If you have an old door, this is a necessary step. You might need to add important units, which are necessary for your extra security and safety. Even if you have a relatively new door, you should regularly consult a reliable garage door companyin Chelsea about innovations which may improve its quality and performance. Nowadays, as technology develops, manufacturers come up with new ideas and accessories that can ameliorate the operation of the door and give you extra amenities, comfort and security.

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