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Replacing old tilt-up garage doors

04/24/2014 Back To Blog

Tilt-up style garage doors were a rage in the 60s and 70s as they were one-piece doors and easy to operate at the time. Now changing tastes and preferences and modern technology has made opening and closing of the door more convenient and safe for all. Even today you may find homes with these types of doors and surprisingly they may work well. However, it is time for homeowners to think about replacing them for various reasons and let's take a look at few of them.Garage Door Replacement 24/7 Services

- Space and safety

Space is a major constraint as they swing away from the door frame and may hit anything including the car on the driveway or maybe someone inside the garage. Sectional doors are a better option as they roll straight up without using much space. Further, tilt-up doors are extremely heavy as they are generally made out of wood. This can be a potential safety hazard as they springs may snap suddenly if they are worn out and the door itself may fall on anyone who is underneath it at that time. Modern doors are a better option as they are made out of steel and weigh less.

- Springs and connection points

Tilt-up doors have only two rollers and connection points while newer doors have at least 10 connection points. Further, they operate on ball bearings that are quieter and there is very little noise even after constant use over the years. Tilt-up doors also use only two large springs that can be found on the sides of the door frame while sectional doors use torsion springs that are safe and mounted just above the door.

- Weather and insulation

Weather stripping seals cannot be applied to tilt-up doors plus they do not have insulating features.

Old tilt-up doors also pose a security risk and more difficult to maintain, so it's time to change them and buy a new sectional door.

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